trip to rishikesh

The Rishikesh trip was very fascinating. It’s the best place for those of you who are willing to travel deep into the woods and enjoy the nature. Travelling to these calm and composed places always feels good.

trip to rishikesh

It was a instant plan. The idea struck in one of the mind and it then flowed within the friends group and it all happened. We friends decided to take the bus from Chandigarh to reach Dehradun. It was 3 days trips as we explored all the amazing places. It’s almost impossible for you to resist yourself from enjoying the water and woods. You will fall in love with  most of the natural things out there.

I preferred not to carry bunch of goods and clothes with me. I just wanted to explore and feel the nature rather than carrying goods along with me. As a student we do have to look at the budget.

This place is not at all expensive. You can get rooms at a low cost and then share it with friends. The food is also not very costly and you can get all types of food there. The locals are very humble and they help you in every way. The atmospheric solitude makes up for upmarket accommodation, and that is a great bargain for a travel-hungry soul.


I just took joggers and shorts along with two T-shirts which was more than enough. You can comfortably walk in sports shoes if you are not willing to trek. I didn’t carry jeans as it wasn’t required. Carrying crocs along worked really well as shoes weren’t required at every site.

trip to rishikesh


1. Sahastradhara(Dehradun):

trip to rishikesh

The name Sahastradhara literally means ‘The Thousand Fold Spring’ is a popular tourist destination in Dehradun. People prefer to come here during Rishikesh trip. It comprised of waterfalls, caves and steppe farming lands and provides a totally marvelous and rejuvenating experience to its visitors. The name is due to the water that drips from the limestone stalactites in the caves and its waterfalls.

2. Robber’s Cave:

trip to rishikesh

The 600 meters long river cave (Robber’s Cave) is known by the locals as Gucchupani. The cave is divided into two main parts with its highest fall being 10 meters long. The place is known for its unique natural phenomenon known as the disappearing stream. This is also favorite spot for tourist who planned a trip o Rishikesh. The place was believed to be used by the robbers to hide during the British era hence owing to its name.

3. Forest Research Institute:

trip to rishikesh

The premier research institute of forestry in India is located in Dehradun. The Forest Research Institute was established in 1906 as the British Imperial Forestry Service. The site also contains a museum for forestry with six main sections that are Pathology Museum, Social Forestry Museum, Silviculture Museum, Timber Museum, Non-Wood Forest Products Museum and Entomology Museum. People often visit this place during Rishikesh trip. You will surely hear about this place when you travel to Rishikesh or Dehradun. It has also being featured in many Bollywood films like Paan Singh Tomar, Student of the Year etc.

4. Tapkeshawar Temple:

trip to rishikesh

Tapkeshawar Temple is considered to be the oldest Shiva temple in Uttarakhand and is located at the banks of the Nandi River. The Temple is located within a cave which is characterized by naturally dripping water over the Shiva lingam placed here. The cave is also the site to the shivratri festival that happens every year.

5. Mind-rolling Monastery:

trip to rishikesh

Founded in 1965, The Mindrolling Monastery houses the Ngagyur Nyingma College which is one of the largest Buddhist learning centers in India. The monastery is a re-established facility of the original Mindrolling Monastery and was established by Khochhen Rinpoche. You can visit this place during a trip to Rishikesh. The well maintained gardens and a 60 meters high stupa and contains various rooms which are decorated with murals and house various relics and a 35 meters high statue of Lord Buddha in Gold.


trip to rishikesh

Ram Jhula is an iron suspension bridge across the river Ganga, located 3 kilometres (1.9 mi) north-east from the town Rishikesh in the Indian state of Uttarakhand.  Built in the year 1986, the bridge is one one of the major tourist attraction when tourist are on a trip to Rishikesh.


trip to rishikesh

Some other attractions during a trip to Rishikesh and Dehradun are Asan Barrage, Sakya Centre Buddhist Monastery, Santala Devi Temple, Guru Ram Rai Gurudwara, Laxman Siddh Temple, Zonal Anthropological Museum and  Khalanga War Memorial.

The 10 places mentioned above comprise of the major places that are not to be missed on a trip to Rishikesh. Being the capital city of the mountain state of Uttarakhand, most of the tourist places in Dehradun and Rishikesh have rich Garhwal culture and is a major tourist attraction in the country.

trip to rishikesh



Rishikesh trip is preffered because of river rafting or white water rafting in India. It will not be wrong to say that this is the best adventure sport that you will get to try in this city of adventures. River rafting is a water sport where you have to fight through the water and feel the fun in it.


Camping is not a new experience for many of us, but riverside camping and especially at the foot of Himalayas is something worth remembering! Rishikesh trip will numerous campsites for one to spend a night or so alongside the river and in the jungle.


One of the oldest bungee jumping spots, Mohan Chatti is located in Rishikesh. The jump here is from a fixed platform and about 83 meters above the ground level. It is one of the most extreme adventure sports during Rishikesh trip which is worth an experience.


Rishikesh is not just a home for multiple adventure activities but the best of them as well. Flying fox is an adventure sport where the participant gets to descend through a valley while he/ she is attached to a chord. The best part about Rishikesh trip is that it possesses Asia’s longest flying fox track.

trip to rishikesh

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