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It was a month ago when i went on a trip to “city of dreams” , home of Bollywood. Yes, you guessed it right! Mumbai/Bombay. Not very fond of travelling but absolutely loved this experience. I realized how necessary it is to travel to know yourself. You actually learn from the experience whenever you are out somewhere. It is actually the new place that teaches you how to survive. You learn the survival skills and this is what makes you a complete human being. So just step out whenever you have a spare time and wander.

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Mumbai (earlier known as Bombay) isn’t only famous for Bollywood but is also the financial capital of India. Mumbai is often referred as the city of dreams because of Bollywood.  You can also say that Mumbai is the financial, commercial and entertainment capital of India. It is also the wealthiest city in India and has the highest GDP of any city.


bandra mumbai


The seven islands that came to constitute Mumbai are Bombay Island, Parel, Mazagaon, Mahim, Colaba, Worli, and Old Woman’s Island (also known as Little Colaba). Mumbai lies on the Konkan coast. Mumbai has a tropical climate, specifically a tropical wet and dry climate having seven months of dryness and peak of rains in July.


Life moves at rapid pace in Mumbai. From Bollywood movies to office workers everyone has their own aspirations and so do they work for it. You can’t get a spare time for the unnecessary work if you really focused toward your goals in Mumbai. As you all know Mumbai is famous for the traffic.

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For those of you who are interested to know about celebrities. You don’t often see celebrities walking on the roads. As i have told the life is so paced. Everyone is working to be super rich and happy. But if you are willing to meet your favourite Bollywood star then you there are some famous landmarks where you can fin them.


I will share my experiences in upcoming articles. It was a great trip and i will let you know why. I am planning a new trip deep into the wood and high onto the mountains. Will let you know in a few weeks.


Till the take care,be safe and have a great life ahead. See you soon!

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From dancing to Bollywood. The inspirational story of Gaurika Babal!


Gaurika Babal: Born on  6th December 1997 in South Delhi, the girl always had a keen interest in dancing, acting and sports.  She had done her schooling from Amity international school. This gave wings to her passion and she started dreaming of a greater heights.



Let’s talk about her higher studies. She is currently pursuing B.A psychology(honours) from Kamala Nehru College Delhi University. All she needed was a big start and college was ready to give chances. She grabbed all the chances and delivered the best. It all started with a keen interest in dancing.

The college club: ENIGMA THE WESTERN DANCE was the one that helped her pave the path. Their itself she learnt how to do urban hip hop, waacking, house, locking and all other forms of dancing. She is currently in third year of her college.


In June 2017 she received an email, to have been selected in Urban Singh Crew  and to be a part of it . The second year of college was the turning point when she got an opportunity to give an audition to be a part USC for dancing. Then eventually she went on to become a instructor at the dance centre. URBAN SINGH CREW is the first ever crew to fuse Bhangra and Hip-hop and were in Top-6 at DANCE PLUS SEASON 2.



At present she has a 13 year experience in Bengali folk. 5-7 year of urban dance moves. She is professional Bhangra artist too.She was a lead in the cover of 5 Taara by Diljit Dosanjh(Hip-hop Bhangra by SPEED RECORDS).

Talking about acting she has done a supporting role of a female cop in the Punjabi music video CASE BANDA. Then she started as an asisstant choreographer in very famous Punjabi music video – BOLLYWOOD by Akhil. She also played a same role in the latest hit by Jassie Gill – DILL TOH BLACK. Her Urban Singh Crew was a part of the latest hit BUZZ BY Aastha Gill ft. Badshah.


She gives all her credits to Jasveen Gulati, Sahaj Singh and Shreoshi kumar who polished her skills. Whatever she have learnt from basics to high level moves in Hip-hop, contemporary and bhangra is all she got from them. They kept faith in  her and gave her all the opportunities even though she was the youngest member.  She kept on following her passion and eventually things started to come her way.


  • Currently in collaboration with two delhi based photographers as their model.
  • managing college studies, college dance society and urban dance centre parallelly.
  • On top of this she have done 2 internships in NGOs.


She plans to be a well established choreographer and also seeks an opportunity to be play a key role in Bollywood Movies. She always has received appreciation for her work. I a sure she must be a role model to many out there and she should be obliged with this.

We exchanged the thoughts and I was really happy to hear that she isn’t going to stop here. It’s just the beginning for her and she has miles to go. She is always thankful to her family and positive friends who always supports her. At last she said that, “everything is secondary but making my parents proud is always the first priority”.

She has proved that girls aren’t behind boys in any way. She is far better than boys in her field and made whole of the female community proud. I am sure that, in no time she will make the country proud by being at international level.